CIA Moms is a family-friendly (depending on the family, of course!) animated series skewed more for adults in the vein of The Simpsons, Family Guy, BoJack Horseman and King of the Hill. It's irreverent, topical and packed with action and adventure, granting viewers the daily goings-on of a group of five diverse moms who have to juggle their domestic lives along with their secret alter-egos: the CIA MOMS! Here to fight the baddies and make sure everyone still makes it to bed by 8:30pm. SHARP.

The series was co-created by Patrick Mallek of Mighty Fudge Studios and writer/filmmaker Mathew Klickstein, has onboard Emmy-nominated couple Maggie Roswell and Hal Rayle (both of whose voices you'll recognize from a ton of established series, especially Maggie who you may know as "Maude Flanders" from The Simpsons among many other characters on that show) and is scored by our own in-house band/horn section led by composer/drummer Max DeVincenzo.